System Intergration Solutions

System Solutions / Space Services

We are the Taiwan and South East Asia space gateway for the International Space Station with partnering
companies, with the following services:

(1) Satellite launch services
(2) Experiement in Space
(3) Dispenser / Deployer Test Fixture for Cubesats
(4) Space Environmental Testing Equipment:  
   Thermal Vacuum, Helmholtz Coils, Vibration Table
(5) Other Instruments:
   Micro Spectrometer , Sound Imaging Equipment
(6) Space Education
(7) Others


Gran Systems is expanding our factory capabilities and maintaining a boutique machine shop with prototyping capabilities, with a vast supply chain.

(1) Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel, titanium,
   tungsten, engineering plastics, ceramics, alumina,
   SiC, silicon, quartz, composite materials, etc.
(2) Equipment Set: 8 CNC Milling, traditional milling,
    face milling, EDM, wire cutting, welding,
   engraving, anodizing, 3D-printing, etc.
(3) Equipment Design and Manufacturing.

Medical Equipment

Our angel/incubation business devotes efforts in innovative medical equipment related project development and system solutions, working with creative startups with novel technologies. We are especially interested in solving issues such as:

(1) Dental Imaging Project
(2) Orthopedic Project
(3) Bio-material Project
(4) HIFU Equipment
(5) PET & CT Equipment

Core Technology Solutions

Semiconductor R and D

We have years of experience in the RD of advances novel processes. Especially in:

(1) Etching
(2) Deposition
(3) Coatings
(4) Advanced Novel Processes
(5) Materials Applications and Analysis

The experience would help developing or troubleshooting semiconductor technologies, Thin-Film Silicon Materials Applications and Analysis, NMEMS Application and Conceptual Design.

Plasma / Vacuum System Design

We can work with our customers to conduct Plasma System Design, Vacuum System Failure Analysis and Modification, Temperature and Uniformity Study, Thermal Systems and High Temperature Technologies, and System Troubleshooting of difficult to detect minute vibration in rotary machinery.

We assist our customers in the followings:

• System Integration and Mission Definition
• Product Development Process
• International Technology Collaboration Arrangement

Gran Systems

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