Satellite Launch

We help Asian customers find launch vehicles, by having close working relationship with launch services and regional customers. We bring satellite launch services from or by way of International Space Station and beyond. We aggregate cubesat missions regularly and strive to be the gateway to space in Taiwan and South East Asia.

Experiement in Space

We help Asian customers to conduct experiment in space, by having close working relationship with service partner and regional customers. We bring experiment-in-space services on the International Space Station. We aggregate space missions into reality regularly and strive to be the gateway to space in Taiwan and South East Asia.


We have extended design capability and new product development process knowhow and experience, especially in commercialization, production, and product life cycle management. Our machine shop has full mass-production tool set and many material capabilities, such as metals, engineering plastics, and precision ceramics.

System Integration

We inspire talented experts from various fields to define complicated systems from start to execution. We have seasoned experts, bringing years of best practices from the semiconductor process equipment, manufacturing solutions, services and systems, space-related industry, green airport design, medical equipment, and precision machinery industries, etc.

Think Tank

We bring extensive entrepreneurship, insights of major corporations and economies, and international living and business experience. We offer the following business services: industry market analysis reports, advisory services for selected customers, industries and governments, policy implementation, and corporate governance.

Angel Investment

We scout and foster innovative startups, in very early stages, and provide mentoring, coaching, initial funding. We have reviewed 100 companies a year, invested in 12 companies, exited 7, assisted 3 IPOs, with 5 in New Space. We are the First Space BIC/business accelerator in Taiwan, called "Taiwan Space Business Incubation Center."

Gran Systems

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